Microwave Oven Repair Service in Mayur Vihar

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Microwave-Oven Repair & Maintenance Service

The Microwave-Oven is not the low-maintenance facility many people think it is. A periodic Microwave-Oven inspection is essential to ensure your Microwave-Oven is working well. A faulty Microwave-Oven may cause danger for you and your family. To repair & maintenance service of the Microwave-Oven especially trained Microwave-Oven professionals are required.
Here are some common Microwave-Oven problems you would like to check before hiring a Microwave-Oven professional near you in Mayur Vihar Delhi.


Microwaves Oven contains heating components called diodes and magnetrons, which emit heat to the food. When burned, your food doesn’t heat up, so your microwave oven needs to be repaired.


When your microwave oven shuts down in the middle of cooking, it’s probably a problem with the switchboard. A wrong wiring connection overheats and causes the fuse to trip and then cut off the power. Microwaves Oven also requires a good amount of space for ventilation. Keeping them in a tight space can cause them to overheat and turn them off in the middle of cooking until it cools down again.


A damaged motor of the microwave oven under the plate is the most likely culprit behind your microwave oven plate should not be spinning. If it is not a problem with the microwave oven’s Motor, the next thing you need to look into is the switchboard.


Sparking in Microwave Oven is probably just another sign that there is a problem with your microwave oven. The most common reason is the paint peels off the interior walls of the microwaves oven because it tends to be absorbed and create sparks instead of being reflected off a smooth surface. It is also worth checking the rack support for any damage, and lastly, look for diode burn out.